Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Olimpic day

In this one tana set up a game we when we needed to run round in a simi circle and we had to play paper Siccers Rock we won 3-0

Today RSS had the  most cool day ever. We had the Olympics day on Thursday morning. My country was Italy. The other half of the class was haungary. My buddy was vinnie I helped him by giving him a piggy back when he hurt his leg. 

This is equestrian. This is my fav one because i won race but not with my little buddy I went with Sam I was one my back and I was giving him a piggy back. Sam was stanglying me. Then I went with vinnie he was fine

In this photo black is jumping over the bar. For me black hat s jumping over the high bar like it always is yellow hat for me is jumping and landing on my feet

It was the best


  1. It looks like a lot of fun did you know that the Olimpics are finished?

  2. Awesome. Did you know that Italy is home to the coliseum in Rome! What medals did you win? Max R7 RSS